For all industrial supplies in Melbourne

When it comes to steel fabrication and industrial supplies, our clients require a durable product that will handle all of their needs.

That is why we always work to the highest industry standards to ensure quality, safety and price.

Our clients throughout Melbourne rely on our steel fabrication and industrial supplies and we promise to deliver results every time.

For quality, professional results contact the trusted steel merchants at Westy’s.

Fully equipped

At Westy’s, not only do we sell steel and industrial supplies throughout Melbourne, we also have the capabilities to cut it to a specific size for your convenience. Our equipment includes:

  • Bandsaw: can cut up to 300 diameter pipes, offering a perfect straight cut for more intricate joining and fabricating jobs.
  • Guillotine: capable of cutting 12mm plates up to 3.000 metres in length.
  • Brake press: can press and fold up to 12mm plate also up to 3.000 metres.
  • Iron Horse: cropping machine for cutting up to 32mm plate and punching holes to 40mm diameter in 25mm plate. Also suitable for notching plates.


Our equipment and steel supplies are housed in a secure undercover work area to ensure it is kept in good condition.

When it comes to steel and industrial supplies in Melbourne, we can supply:

  • Steel fabrications, metal fabrications
  • Welding: ARC, MIC and TIG
  • Beams and columns, lintels, mezzanines
  • Grates, gates, bollards
  • Railings, handrails, guardrails, mesh rails, wire rope rails
  • General Repairs
  • Trucks, trays, rails and headboards
  • Trailers, floors, pressed
  • Sides, frames and axles

Specialist jobs

At Westy’s we have a fully equipped workshop and steel supply shed to meet your needs for steel fabrication and industrial supplies in Melbourne. Over the years we have completed a range of specialist and one-off jobs including the Glen Seton Racing car simulator. We can design and fabricate handrails to suit your own taste, in addition to house beams, lintels and more.

Our expert team can tackle all forms of welding work and with our vast range of machinery we can cut labour times down. Where needed we can comply to your drawing specifications. We are a local family business committed to customer satisfaction offering a personal touch and advice.

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